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By fostering partnerships with numerous nonprofits and incubators in and around the Bay Area, Project Cultiv8 aims to connect students with educational opportunities, workshops, and competitions to initiate, develop, and sustain their student-initiated efforts of impacting the world.

Students are provided with the opportunity to learn important entrepreneurship skills, different logistics of running a nonprofit, and strategies to resolve certain problems in their communities. They will not only gain valuable career skills but also be encouraged to take action in the local issues they feel passionately about. In addition, the relationships students build in the program, both among like-minded peers and experts, will serve them well as they continue to pursue their future goals.


Ultimately, Project Cultiv8 offers students a unique opportunity to implement their philanthropic ideas in their own communities, entirely from their own perspectives. From the potential non-profits the students may build and implement in their community, they will be enabled to positively impact a much larger population.

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